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At E Ink, we strive to provide learning and development opportunities for all our “Inkers” at all our sites through our in-house university.

We believe
E Ink Way
Training Program

We believe

Our employees (we call ourselves “Inkers”) is our company’s most important asset. Our vision is to “make Surfaces Smart & Green” by creating low powered, reflective displays that are healthy for you and the environment. We will achieve our vision and make a difference in the world by focusing on quality and innovative products. Our employees are the ones to make this happen. Our corporate university facilitates employee learning and sharing of technological knowledge, organizational best practices and establishment of a corporate DNA that promotes connectedness, accountability, continuous learning and innovation. Our employees are accountable to continuously learn and grow with our company.

E Ink Way

Because E Ink is committed to continuous learning for all our employees, we established E Ink Global University to deliver learning and development competency-based opportunities for all.

Inkers are also encouraged to seek learning opportunities or resources by themselves with assistance from E Ink University through specialized external courses, books, articles and pod-casts.

Learning Journey

‧ General: On the job training from in-house Subject Matter Experts as well as more advanced education to build new industry-specific skills for growth opportunities
‧ Leadership development: Provide skills to lead effective and productive teams
‧ Self-Development: Help individuals reach their full potential with courses focused on developing soft skills e.g. communications

Learning approach (or modalities)

‧ On line courses
‧ Live Instructor-led Virtual course
‧ Instructor-led in a classroom environment
‧ Knowledge communities in team learning settings


Orientation is extensive where you learn about E Ink, the company, our vision, mission and values of integrity, corporate citizenship, team work, continuous learning, diversity, equity and inclusion. You learn about our great benefits package as well as an overview of the processes and the site to help your transition to E Ink be smooth. You can be assigned a buddy with like interests to help you assimilate.

Introductory Courses

Every employee will be exposed to the unique technology that is E Ink’s taught by resident experts as well as learn about our unique patent position in displays and electrophoretic materials and process from our patent attorneys.

Professional Courses

There are courses in science, engineering, finance, quality, safety, lean manufacturing, and computer science for employees.

Leadership Courses

There are courses to improve your soft skills such as communications, project, time/or meeting management and creativity. New to management or experienced, there are courses to develop your people and yourself.

Operations Training

Set training program for technicians to learn the on-the-job skills to be successful and grow in a safe environment.

Training Program

Since 2020, E Ink Global University has been established. A committee composed of representatives from various factories around the world plans a variety of technical and non-technical training courses. Through the E Ink University online learning platform, employees in different locations around the world can Enjoy the same high-quality education and training resources, without geographical and time zone restrictions, you can choose to participate in courses according to personal work conditions; the learning resources of its courses are completed through the cooperation of professional lecturers in different factories, creating a "cooperation, continuous learning and Innovation" shared culture.