E Ink Segmented displays are ultra-low power, thin, and rugged. E Ink's unique reflective display technology is sunlight readable and can display an image with no power. This enables engineers and designers to add displays to products where power and space limitations have made it impossible to do so before.

Disruptive Benefits

The disruptive benefits of E Ink Segmented displays include:

  • Ultra Low Power –E Ink displays are bi-stable, drawing power only when updating the display. Consuming approximately 0.5 micro amps per cm2 while switching the display, E Ink displays require zero power to display a static image.

  • Thinness – E Ink Segmented display thickness can be between 380 and 560 microns.

  • Rugged – E Ink Segmented displays are non-glass and shatterproof for added durability.

  • High contrast – E Ink Segmented displays are daylight readable with a 180 degree viewing angle.

  • Design – E Ink Segmented displays can be manufactured in any 2D shape such a circle, triangle, or abstract shape, enhancing industrial designs. In addition, E Ink's unique capabilities allow for the foreground and background to be reversed from black on white or white on black.

Our Product

Segmented Displays are independent display cells that do not include any embedded electronics; they can be driven at either 5V or 15V. Typically, SDCs are used in character specific designs with segment counts ranging from low to high. Designs that have limited space, unique geometries and less restrictive PCB integration needs are ideal for SDC applications. E Ink's unique capabilities allow for the foreground and background to be reversed from black on white or white on black.


Applications for the technology are broad, including a wide variety of consumer electronics, watches, medical devices, industrial gauges, PC accessories, smart cards, electronic shelf labels, and mobile communications.

Pre-Programmed Point-of-Purchase Displays

E Ink has licensed out the manufacturing of custom, pre-programmed point-of-purchase displays to several partners. Ink-In-Motion is a flashing electronic display that combines the proven promotional effectiveness of motion and color. Ideal for retail environments where power access is limited, Ink-In-Motion displays draw very little power while attracting a lot of attention.

Ink-In-Motion™ is not sold by E Ink directly, but instead is available through one of our partners. Please contact our partners directly for more information.

About Motion Display

Motion Display, with headquarters in Sweden, is a leading global manufacturer of Electronic Paper Display based Retail Signage. With more than 19 years of experience from in-store marketing and display technologies Motion Display has developed a superior Ink-In-Motion point-of-purchase product line. Motion Display has an experienced and knowledgeable design team offering support for motion based communication. More information about Motion Display and Ink-In-Motion electronic paper displays can be found at www.motiondisplay.com.

Motion Display

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About Neolux

Neolux Corporation, based in Korea, is a leading manufacturer of POP (Point-of-Purchase) products combined with flat electronic displays. Neolux has been successfully supplying the products to global customers with its one-stop-solution service only for the display sheet but also for graphic and product design, electronic driver, and frames. More information about Neolux and Ink-In-Motion electronic paper displays can be found at www.neoluxiim.com.

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About Americhip

Americhip is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advertising and marketing technologies to the world’s top agencies and brands. Americhip design and produce a full range of solutions that help businesses deliver their message and intimately connect to their audience. Americhip incorporates video, audio, lights, dimensional and other exciting, emerging technologies to offer an arsenal of highly effective, custom communication vehicles.

For more information about Americhip and Ink-In-Motion electronic paper displays can be found at https://www.americhip.com/e-ink/.

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About DNP

DNP is one of the world's largest comprehensive printing companies. We provide a variety of products and services in a wide range of business fields to consumers and some 30,000 corporate clients in Japan and around the world. Since founding the company in 1876, we have continued to develop our business by constantly asking ourselves, “What can we do to improve society?” The company’s motto from the time of its founding ̶ “Run a civilized business” ̶ expresses the desire of DNP's founders to contribute to the improvement of people's lives and the development of society. This desire has been passed down faithfully to today's DNP. Since the 1950s, DNP has promoted “expansion printing,” which means expanding our fields of business by broadening possibilities for the application of printing technologies. From printing books, magazines, and commercial materials, we progressed into such fields as packaging, decorative materials, display components, and electronic devices. Today, DNP is still expanding into new business fields, including environmental preservation, energy, and life sciences. DNP has always created “tomorrow's basic” in order to solve problems faced by businesses, consumers and society. And that is what we intend to keep on doing.

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