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Information Security

E Ink Information Security Policies

Ensuring the company's competitive advantage, fostering customer trust, and achieving sustainable operations are the primary goals of our Information Security Department. We are dedicated to maintaining the high availability and security of the company's information system, protecting business secrets, and preventing any unauthorized use, leakage, tampering, or destruction of our information assets within the information environment.

Information Security Management Strategy

Information Security Dedicated Unit

In accordance with legal requirements, set up a dedicated department "Information Security Department" to plan information security policies, implementation, risk management and inspection.

Participation of senior Executives

Establish an information security management committee. The information security executive and the same level supervisors hold meetings every six months. The information security management committee meets to review, discuss, and make decisions on information security related policies.

Concerns of the Board of Directors

Every year, the top executive of the information security department reports the effectiveness of information security governance to the Board of Directors.

Create an Information Security System Process

Personnel Training and Certification

Information Security Education Training and Social Engineering Drills

Import the International Information Security Management System

Strengthen Information Security Maintenance and Operation Management